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the living tissue
hands   2001
  see also
"vita mediativa"
"other voices"
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 8-Feb-2002
this orphx album comes in a very attractive packaging accompanied by a booklet with photographs and explanations of where the sound sources came from, since this cd takes further the concept of found sounds. if you were looking for layered complexity of "vita meditativa" or pulsating heavy rhythms of "surface", you are in for a surprise. this time around the duo explores deep textural ambience based on multiple field recordings.

the result is at times drony, at times dreamy, developing occasional rhythm (almost vromb-like, at times, except for its more "organic" nature) or sinking into a swamp of sampled sounds. each track title implies the sound source used, proving conceptual nature of the album. overall my favorites are the tracks that process the found material, transforming it either into distinct ambient atmospheres or pulsating dark rhythms.

there is something in the calm ambience of this release that grabs your attention. maybe it is everyday sounds, transformed and taken to a different dimensions, maybe it is the pulses corresponding to natural biorhythms. it would be interesting to speculate whether this album can live on its own, or whether its context and conceptualism are inseparable from the music. all theories aside, it has a few really impressive tracks where excellent production and engineering allowed this organic ambience create a very deep and unique atmosphere.

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