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mutation engine
component   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 11-Feb-2002

neutronic has disappeared for a little while after two releases on pendragon records ("last years product" and "vs. planet earth") and a release on ecr ("re-id").

I have always liked neutronic for its interesting mix of idm and industrial - energetic and driving dancefloor-oriented beats with whacked-out idm flavor. back in the day, with the release of the first album, it was quite a breakthrough (and well-done I should add) combination.

what we have here is a very well-produced, very complex and yet absolutely directionless album. this is such a frustrating feeling, when you realize how much the artist is capable for, backed by previous releases and clearly displayed technological range and perfection. almost every single track has the coolest textures - from hard driving techno to crunchy noise assaults, from quiet ambient motives to stumbling idm, from drum&bass to industrial - all of this perfectly produced. you can see the ideas taking shape and developing only to plunge into helpless utter chaos.

of course, one might view this album as an exercise in post-modernist infinitely recursive style, and I could probably agree with that, but this would only "explain" the album, but won't make me like it. I am sure that this view point will make it a very worthwhile release for many. xyn and somatic responses contribute remixes of "incubation time" and "nitrous greed", a very welcome addition of structure and direction.

maybe it is the fact that "mutation engine" is the first album after a while and neutronic tried to cram too much into it. in this case I would love to see some someone "making sense" out of it - streamlining it, cleaning it up. if this is indeed a new direction, neutronic will still be able to ensure a following of ecstatic audiophiles.

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