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m-tronic   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 15-Feb-2002

this is third full-length album for marco titolo, aka dither; released on young french label m-tronic that last year treated us with mlada fronta's "fe2 o3".

it is hard to classify this album and assign it to appropriate genres, which, of course is a good thing. somewhat stylistically similar to mlada fronta's release, it further defines the profile of the label. from the very first track one is immersed into a very subdued layered atmosphere. pulsing crackling electronica, small splintery noises overlaid with very simple melancholic melodies and broken sequences of percussive elements. the music is somewhere in between darker melodic idm, disassembled into shifting ambient textures that compliment rhythmic splashes with swaying, micro-managed noises, static outbursts.

despite [or precisely with the help of] all its technical complexity and disarranged, atonal feel, "urei" builds very solid dark atmosphere. as each track progresses, you follow distant drawn-out strings, soft key progressions; let yourself be surprised by myriad of random pulses and noises reappearing throughout music layers; firm percussion seamlessly speeds up and flows through the track, only to disappear a few minutes later. in retrospect, one thing that suprised me the most, was this very successful blend of melodies, deep ambient textures, and slow, at times quite heavy and noisy, broken percussion. it is so easy to make a complete mess out of all these elements, and yet each track has genuine, complete feel.

yet as another afterthought, some of the tracks on this release really reminded me of markant - the combination of heaviness, unexpected composition, noisy glitches and melody.

altogether this is an unusual and very captivating release; it is nice to see something that unique outside of the realms of familiar genres. "urei" is a great example of listening music, no matter what one calls it - technoid dark ambient, or deep noisy idm. after first two releases m-tronic presents itself as a label capable of producing very original and quite eclectic material.

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