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arthur loves plastic
fixed star
machine heart productions   2001
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album rating: 1

submitted by carl jenkinson on 20-Feb-2002

This album is the latest of many releases from Arthur Loves Plastic, the brainchild of Bev Stanton, here ably assisted by the wonderful vocals of Lisa Moscatiello. As an indictment of how progressive, sensuous & exciting dance music can be this release has few equals. Ms.Arthur's use of sound is often unexpected but somehow logical & even the more unusual sound sources fit in well with the easily accessible music. The opening "Cum2nite" reminds me of some of the more chilled dance music of the late 80s with Lisa's sexually charged vocal sitting sumptuously above a chilled groove further enhanced by some lounge organ riffs. The 80s feel is even more pronounced on the faster "Bright Lights" which follows, especially with the euro/italo-house piano breaks that accompany the chorus. The occasionally vocodered vocals are a nod towards modern trendy routines & these also pop up during the slower, seriously chilled "You Won't". Equally laid back is "No Love" with another superb performance from Lisa backed by ambient chords while "Betrayed" does nothing to change the mood that has been slowly & expertly built up. "GIAWO" is a great deal livelier with a very catchy chorus & the pacey feel is maintained by "Give Me Hope" although this is countered by an unreal, dreamy feel. The opening sequence of "Alone" sounds slightly EBM-like & this sets the scene for a slightly more gritty, earthy offering before the title track again marries a driving rhythmic setting with chilled synth motifs. The chordal progression of "Ashtray" reminds me somewhat of 808 State's "Pacific" & sets the scene for another silkily soulful offering, ably followed by the lush, soulful "Hold Me". The plaintive, emotional recital of the title is impossible to resist & it's easy to imagine people falling in love to tracks like this. The short chilled outro of "My Love" is full of sadness as Lisa sings "There goes my love" & anybody who's ever been in such a situation will feel a sharp pang of recognition.

This would be perfect backing music for those romantic moments as well as appealing to those who believe dance music is capable of far greater things than the current garage rubbish. Time & Time again Ms. Arthur proves herself a mistress of her craft & this is a must-have album.

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