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spectre   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 26-Feb-2002

olhon is no other than massimo magrini of bad sector fame, joining forces with zairo, a part of italian audio project where. "veiovis" is a third release in the nautilus series on spectre dedicated to nautical music themes. the source material for this cd came from the recordings done in italian volcanic lakes using hydrophonic sensors and later transformed and manipulated in the studio.

the album is somewhat "lighter" than usual bad sector work, the sound is more flowing, with softer elements reminding me of "u-boot" by ah cama-sotz (second release in nautilus series). there is no hi-tech sampled sounds usually employed by bad sector, instead there are waves and waves of cold minimal atmosphere, slowly churning and rumbling among small uneasy noises, occasionally attacked with harsh noisy outburst. the album never reaches density and diversity of bad sector, but it never becomes boring or annoyingly minimal. granted, the sounds used are somewhat limited, and the pace of the album is a lot slower that I would have expected (maybe it is the influence of where), but altogether it is an album that lives up to its conceptual nature and creates disturbing, haunting atmosphere, not something one would usually expect from music dealing with aquatic themes. my favorite tracks are those that combine strings and abrasive layered textures on top of swelling sonic waves - closing 10-minute composition would be a perfect example.

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