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de:bug hartwaren   2000
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 27-Feb-2002

I spotted swedish bauri (martin abrahamsson) on various compilations in past year or two. finally I was able to get my hands on all his little vinyl ep's released so far. the side of bauri that I like the most is his talent for melancholic melodies - swelling gorgeous strings, flowing throughout each track, sprinkled with glitchy little noises and methodically controlled with heavier percussion drops. his harmonies is what captivates you instantly, as you immerse yourself in "abyss" (I had beefcake flashbacks throughout this track - firm metallic percussion with a backdrop of layered fuzziness) of "ghostie" (seduction and mystery of melody intertwined with layered complexity of tight percussion) - dark and soft melodies with echoing, resonating percussion that gradually builds up complexity. on "nook" we are treated with minimal, carefully arranged cuts and glitches that instead of being irritating, manage to create a delicate and fragile atmosphere - soft, sweet, almost forlorn. opening title track is a little edgier than the rest of this vinyl, with more prominent percussion and abrasive caustic elements.

bauri creates captivating melodies with edgy percussion that instead of building massive dominant breaks carefully weave delicate and almost minimal, very composed, atmosphere, softening usual idm trickery. I would recommend bauri to any sound purist looking for darker melodic idm.

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