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bip-hop   2001
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"behind you"
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 10-Mar-2002

what a wonderful surprise, my previous exposure were only early releases by this project (si-{cut}.db back in the days), and while it was quite innovative and technically precise, it never had the feel and the groove of this album. just imagine glitchy minimalism with softer ambient overtones and little fuzzy noises coupled together with deep dubby rhythms. a couple of tracks into it, and I am nodding my head along, thinking of swayzak and snd, mixed and spliced together in the most wonderful way, using all of my favorite elements from both genres.

I am ashamed to admit that after listening to "behind you" a few years back, I sort of lost a sight of douglas benford. some of you might know him as a part of tennis, some of you might know him for his labels sprawl and suburbs of hell, as well as various side projects.

"enthusiast" strikes a balance between micro-manipulated music and smooth rhythmic textures, that add a soul and a drive to his sound. many samples on this album have a strange, very soft sound; not that surprising, once you find out that they are samples of woodwork noises, shavings, splintered pieces, as well as many acoustic elements. at some point, finding your way through fuzzy layers of sound, you wonder whether these are scratches on vinyl record, or actual sound of wood being processed. after a little while you realize that this album has more depth and textures than usual material in comparable genres, a definite plus, if you ask me. few other noticeable things, once you listen to this album a few times - a presence of melody, acatchy repetitive pattern, simple, almost unexpected, elusive, and yet finding its way into almost each track; note a variety of moods - from cold minimalism, to softer, laid-back atmospheres.

the sound manipulation by itself, with all its intricacy and spontaneity would be flat and mechanized if not for the atonal ambience on the background and deep basslines and dubby rhythms. best tracks on this album have it all, and the combination is unlike anything else I have heard. do yourself a favor and check out this album, I personally found it extremely hard to resist.

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