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christian kleine
morr music   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 10-Mar-2002

morr music continues the pace set in 2001 with this excellent release by christian kleine. I have stumbled upon this name last year on few morr music comps, as well as his remix 7" for mum and bomb the bass, then getting to hear his "kickboard girl ep" as hermann & kleine, and finally his "beyond repair" full-length on city centre offices. anyone I have talked to about him has only positive things to say, and I doubt I will be an exception.

"valis" is his latest ep, and I have to admit how addicted I am to this release. christian kleine mixes deep melancholy and fragility of analog-based sounds with strong percussion drops, creating smooth, melodic landscapes with deep and persistent melodies, enclosed by distant echoing noises, fuzzy background textures and small playful elements.

it is hard to describe the feel, the ambience this album creates. try thinking about the darkest, mysterious and yet most beautiful and optimistic arovane (perhaps arovane vs. phonem), add a strong analog feel to it, bring in some soft quirkiness, soft splintery crunchiness and a bit more energy, a few playful details, and you have something with similar feel, and yet so totally different, so much more intimate and personal. after all, if my chaotic description did not help much, there is only one remaining way to find out.

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    by terminus ( on 2-Jun-2002 00:22excellent christian kleine and morr release.