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skam   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 11-Mar-2002

it is so incredibly hard to objectively write about an album like this. I know how impatiently people have been waiting for this release ever since "soup" came out almost four years ago. "mauver" and "pae paoe" singles both teased and disappointed, and when everyone pretty much quieted down, this full-length finally hit the stores. I have been listening to it on and off for past couple of months, trying to make sure i give it enough thought and consideration before I write anything about it.

of course, nothing bola makes will ever live up to the impact "soup" had on me, nothing can live up to the expectations set for this album. "fyuti" has similar dark ambience and deep textures, one might even recognize a few sounds here and there. it is still mysterious, yet the mystery is of a different kind - more short-lived (if you will), less frightening, although still enigmatic. for those of you afraid of hip-hop influences of "mauver" this would be a welcome reaffirmation of old style. however, my absolute favorite on this disk, and I really hope there will be more material in this vein, is "pae paoe" (previously featured on a short single with the same title) - it is an amazing track where vocals reciting in almost a hip-hop manner is overlaid on top of gorgeous dark strings and upbeat percussion textures; this sort of melancholic, very organic, very captivating track that blends raw energy of the voice with percussion is probably the best fusion of these genres I have heard.

"pae paoe" is the most outstanding track, but if you listen closer you realize that this album is more upbeat, more dynamic than "soup", tracks like "tibular vader" or "horizophon" would be a perfect example. if you were looking for something in the dreamy, introspective manner of "soup" - "soleiele" might be the answer with its slow pace and warm ambience. bola's talent for creating harmonious atmospheres is still intact, the album still has this haunting spacey feel, with familiar beautiful strings and a few additional rhythmic layers.

as time went by I managed to find a place for "fyuti", it took a little longer, being in the shadow of "soup", but there is no doubt it is a great album, it has the spirit and the atmosphere I have always appreciated in bola, and only someone completely ignorant can overlook it.

"fyuti" is not a continuation of "soup", it is not better than "soup", it is simply different, and I can see where bola tries to explore both directions, from flowing ambience to angular, abrasive rhythms. maybe there will be more releases on different labels to accommodate those styles, maybe there will be alter egos, but for now it is just bola, and it is evolving, still remaining above so many in this genre. and being bola makes it impossible to ignore for anyone interested in this music style.

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    by terminus ( on 2-Jun-2002 00:24i still haven't heard 'geogaddi', but i would guess that 'fyuti' is better album. bola sound is really specific, 'soup', 'mauver', 'fyuti' are all small masterpieces.