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auricle media   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 19-Mar-2002

I have initially heard this release last july in a demo format, it is nice to finally hold the finished project, complete with mastering and engineering, not to mention quite attractive sleeve design. manufactura is the first release on auricle media label run by scott sturgis of converter fame and karloz m. known to many of you as a tireless promoter/dj.

surprisingly enough, the variety of genres presented on this cd works out well together. so very often it might be a sign of absolute lack of direction, but in this case there is some unifying feel that keeps it all together - from electro to pounding rhythmic noise, from ambient to power electronics.

very floor-oriented, rhythmic aggressive tracks seem to dominate this cd, or rather set its atmosphere; they are spiced up with a touch of electro that adds a nice catchy feel to the music (very danceable "sacred sin" and "I'll tear your fucking heart out"). what sets this disk aside, showing off its diversity and "completeness" as a release, are tracks like "it's nice in here" with its melancholic simple strings and gentle melody, sort of after hours laid-back dark electro track, very well placed amidst bouncing aggressive textures. it's simplicity and effectiveness reminded me of p.a.l tracks on "play at 2am". or take saturated and "dirty", stripped-down minimal drum&bass of "ritmo y ruido", energetic, uncompromising and quite addictive after a minute or two. "4am" follows nicely with quiet minimal ambience, based on warm washes and acupuncture of small abrasive noises, a sort of organic atmosphere one might expect from ultra milkmaids. converter contributes a mix of "killing you" with heavily overloaded, saturated percussion layers.

this cd works out very well if you keep listening to it as whole, switching atmospheres and styles, I am not sure how well each single work would stack up against the peers in the genre, but undoubtedly there are quite a few very well done club-friendly tracks on it, along with an overall diverse "listening" appeal. "regression" is quite a statement from this new label, it would be interesting to see what would be the style/direction of following releases.

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