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sonic dragolgo
don't stop the music
klangkrieg   2001
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"sweet pain"
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 19-Mar-2002

kozaburo narita is the person behind sonic dragolgo and with this release on klangkrieg he delivers a spectacular mess of reinterpreted/sped-up/broken tunes from ramones, madonna, b-52s, piling up layers and layers of trashy guitars and high-bpm digital hardcore noise attacks on top of them.

what gets me on this album is its atmosphere, it reminds me of a happier, more trashy version of early alec empire where anger has been replaced with goofiness, but not in the sickening ghetto-glamour way, but with a wholesome noisy punk-breakcore-digital hardcore feel, something that really reminded me of the atmosphere tigerbeat6 creates with its releases (some of kid606 and cex).

this album is catchy as hell, and I have to admit I always had a taste for "trashy" side of digital hardcore, and now it is enhanced with all the popular tunes that are blended so well into the mix. this blend of styles and overall heaviness and production are done so amazingly well that you do not know what gets you - the contrast with the original tracks, the originals themselves, the over-saturated thick layered noise collage or dancy hardcore. this album is just plain fun - addictive, violent, noisy, and those of you that have a taste for over-complicating things, can contemplate on the re-contextualization/recycling of mass media; I would rather just turn the volume up a bit more.

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