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warp   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 25-Apr-2002

this short four-track ep (with added video for "eyen") comes in a clear transparent case and it is the next treat from plaid, the band whose "double figure" full-length made it to my top ten last year.

first track starts out with confused little splinters and monstrous bassline (that was not too kind on my ears during their live set) with punchy beat drops. you wait, and wait and finally those gentle dreamy analog waves (that are unmistakably plaid) come in and smooth out rough edges of incessant percussion stutter. "diddymousedid" picks up the speed with simpler percussion structure that actually seemed to gain some heaviness and bass in the process, complete with playful jumpy melodies. next is "stills"; its mood changes are what set the track apart from me - it begins with mysterious basslines that slowly reveal melancholic spacey melody, that makes the track lot deeper than its predecessors. as if waking up from a deep slumber, the track picks up, releases a stream of playful little electronic crickets, and allows the melody to spread its wings, maintaining a simple and constant percussion drive. closing "mfaus" leaves a disjointed, almost uneasy feel when it ends, most of it is very percussion-oriented, filled with fuzzy overtones and little melodic beats that do not progress for a while. it finally deteriorates in crunchy high-bpm chaos.

altogether, "p-brane" is heavier and more percussion-driven than plaid's previous material. for whatever reasons it took me a bit to get used to it; only after I recognized all the elements taking place behind the percussion, I was able to truly enjoy it. listening to dozens of other idm releases out there, I can testify that plaid still retains their style. whether it's something that you might like or not, is another story.

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