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cellulo´d mata
ant-zen   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 1-May-2002

this two-cd release is a "best of" collection of tracks spanning many years and styles of cellulo´d mata. I have to say I was quite pleased with the selection - somehow most of the tracks picked for this release were among my favorites, including many rarities and one-offs from various compilations. needless to say, this is a must have for any cellulo´d mata fan, especially considering the presence of unreleased tracks as well as a few items off releases that only hardcore collectors have in their possession.

looking back, I am trying to recall how my fascination with cellulo´d mata came around, starting out with pummeling industrial-strength rhythms of "invasion of", an amazing collage of compressed, steady stomping beats, catchy and hypnotic; ambience and fragility contrasted by rough soundscapes of "bimbo oscillations", haunted by acoustic atonal textures; layered, slowly building intensity of "jerusalem" vinyl. if you look carefully, you won't find any material off "sable", one can justify this decision based on the fact that it would have been a bit redundant, since it came out on ant-zen as well. three new tracks include "scaffold (s.a.l.rmx)" with fluttering acoustic noises among vibrating pulsing ambience; "the cyborg" with vocals contribution of sheila mata (that actually does add a very nice touch), a track in best traditions of the band - saturated slow percussion with each beat gradually swelling and exploding with delicious acoustic clash; closing "terminal" builds cold and jittery atmosphere, with small round beats and quirky noises, quietly drifting off.

it is hard to pinpoint all those things that fascinate me about cellulo´d mata - its unique atmopshere, unusual composition, a combination of strings and acoustic elements, a contrast of force and delicacy, stylish minimailsm, a superb sense of rhythm, this almost intangible unifying feel that all zone51 artists have, deepened by contrasting moods present on each release.

if it is a swan song for cellulo´d mata, it is a damn powerful one, an impressive summary of all those years, a release that should be picked up by anyone, something that most certainly would be appreciated by a wide audience.

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