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little computer people
the remixes
psi49net   2002
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"electro pop"
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 2-May-2002

if you could not get enough of little computer people "electro pop" (and witnessing the reaction of those that got exposed to it, I can testify that it is *never* enough), this is a remix album with additional two videos that show most stunning examples of advances in modern computer graphics in the most charming and captivating manner (I would get this release just for those two videos).

of course, it does get a bit repetitive, if you listen to slightly different version of the same track again and again (because this is what it is), and I was a bit disappointed by the choice of the only track, but any anthony rother addict at this point will probably consider this a personal insult, and being one of those, I would just mention that there could be no excuse, and one has to have this album in addition to the dangerously addictive "electro pop".

I did spend my share of time trying to understand why in the hell this album is so damn catchy and immediately popular, and whether it is cool or not to admit to it, but eventually i lost all shame and just submitted to its charm. how can anyone resist its perfect combination of goofiness and good old-school catchiness, especially considering the state of the modern scene, the timing could not be more appropriate. whatever is the explanation of this phenomenon, you really owe it to yourself to check out at least "electro pop", if you have not already.

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