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disco nouveau
ghostly international   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 3-May-2002

ghostly international is a young label with a few impressive releases under its belt. this compilation is a very serious statement in (re)emerging disco/electro genre (and if you are wondering, it is not representative of the releases on the label up to date). not only it presents various aspects of this music style, but supports it with an impressive booklet included with the cd (the release is also available on vinyl).

linking disco to art nouveau might appear to be a stretch at first (especially considering its retrospective nature in contemporary context), but if you are willing to look at this music as a transposition of that era into modern times (and forget some of the shallow glamour that accompany releases by many of the present acts), you would get the essence of this album. all of a sudden undulating analog retro synths attain a new meaning, linking to smooth organic curves of art nouveau. lush melodies and danceable soft electronica reproduce this feel - quiet fuzziness of solvent with usual incredible melody and vocoder, upbeat mix of videogame disco and smooth robotic idm of lowfish. switch gears and enter incredibly dancy and flowing "disco rout" by legowelt (easily my favorite on this cd, with steadily building intensity and irresistible catchiness), cool and distant, sexy robotic groove of adult's "nite life" (probably one of my favorite adult tracks). hong kong counterfeit is almost equally seductive with remix of "metal disco". listen on, and you will hear more styles - warm and quirky italian disco of mat 101, romantic naiveté of susumu yakota, contrasted by deep techno of ectomorph with melancholic clean synthlines.

the popularity of electro-disco is definitely on the rise, rooted in early electro-punk, it has an edge that combined with disco glamour and melancholic sentimentality of early computer era creates a unique new genre that is quickly gaining momentum. for some it might be a return to the past, for some it might be a completely new medium; its fans come from all over the place - indie post-rock, punk, idm, electro, disco, funk, synth-pop, and somehow they all manage to find something in it.

if none of the names mentioned above tell you anything, it is one compilation to pick up if you are interested in this music style; otherwise you would be delighted to know that it is exclusive material, packaged and presented perfectly, finally allowing you to justify your shameful addition to this music style.

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