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lusine icl
delikatessen   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 9-May-2002

I thought it would be appropriate to mention this lovely vinyl that came out right before a full-length "iron city". this is also a first release for delikatessen label, and it would be hard to come up with a better choice for a debut.

what makes this release such a perfect treat is its very limited, refined nature - only four tracks that can match the shortest attention span and allow each composition to be instantly remembered and appreciated.

the record builds soft and fuzzy waves of layered electronica complete with deep bass hooks, smooth melodic lines and wonderfully orchestrated polyphonic passages, touched by shuffling and morphing clicks, spontaneous bleeps and fading cut-up atonal acoustic elements, dear and familiar to any fan of l'usine.

from wonderfully composed "in flight", with its pauses, spacey interludes and expansive, enveloping feel, we move towards funkstörung mix of the title track. frankly, I would get this vinyl just for this. I envy you if you are listening to this track for the first time. just imagine adding rough prominent streaks of color to fluid, amorphous layers of almost tangible depth; savor every single percussion drop, taste every single click, enjoy their spontaneity, their almost independent flow alongside emerging melody. it builds up, rough and broken, obsessively shaped into perfection, then pauses, slides into ultra milkmaids-like melancholy and slowly flows into refined quiet lines of "what's the score?". "sustain" is a bit more straightforward, mixing usual dissonant textures with broken full-bodied percussion.

this record continues blending rhythms and ambience, further developing awkwardly charming melodies of landmark "pseudo steady state", this time around stressing diversity of its sound. four tracks present four distinct sides of this project, seamlessly combining complex layered sound with distinct flowing feel and incredible composition, that is particularly evident, once you see these four tracks as one whole. "sustain" is simply too perfect to be overlooked.

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