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fleshmadeword   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 10-May-2002

this relatively young project makes an impressive debut on fleshmadeword records, combining the material previously released on two mcds - "martyr" and "sense". dave dando-moore is also the person behind the label itself.

one immediately falls under the spell of its sound - the overall atmosphere rooted in dark electro, overlaid with samples and clean strings, it throws in catchy drum&bass loops or hard-edged stomping technoid beat, slightly distorted, resulting in very clean, very addictive compositions. if you look a bit deeper, you would notice very subtle (unfortunately), but very impressive ominous, almost symphonic intros and dark layered undertones going throughout the album. among my favorites are those with more broken rhythms and unexpected turns - "respite" with eerie soundtrack feel and splashes of drum&bass rhythms, hyper-charged opening "conduit" with vibrating bassline, almost idm-like crunchy drum&bass of "detritus", significantly slower and more laid-back; guilty pleasure of "dust" - melodic, pretty and very dancy; of course remix by pneumatic detach is every bit as good as expected.

I have to say that at times this album feels overly dramatic, this is where it bothers me, getting too close to bad examples of dark electro. I would be the first one to admit that I still can't resist its catchiness and effectiveness, but it does leave an aftertaste.

I see a lot of potential in the way detritus is combining most successful elements from various genres - layered atmospheres with broken drum&bass and high-bpm distorted percussion, not forgetting a strong dance floor appeal. this variety has an opposite side though, at times it feels as if all those elements are not blending too well, appearing to be pieced together. in any case, this is something not to miss, and i would suggest getting your hands on this release.

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