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green grass of tunnel
fat cat records   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 11-May-2002

i have slowly become addicted to this Icelandic quartet after hearing their full length "yesterday was dramatic - today is ok" and remix album ("please smile my noise bleed") on morr music. this brand new 3" contains two tracks - "green grass of tunnel" and "in through the lamp" taken off upcoming "finally we are no one".

I have been thinking that this is the most "childish" music I have heard in a long time. the word "childish" is meant in a best sense - their music has this amazing sense of naïve pure wonder, wide open eyes of childhood for those with clinical form of escapism that keep coming back to their early memories. this is your treatment, a ticket to the most innocent, most melancholic memories, tucked away somewhere far, far away, only to be found and glorified later, viewed through the prism of all these years.

opening "green grass of tunnel" starts out with fluid steady percussion, smoothed out with soft analog lines and little playful chimes, a flowing, warm and sweet composition; a couple of minutes later the girl's voice enters, childlike and yet seductive - tender, charming, intimate; both distant, dream-like and so close, whispering in your ear so that you can almost feel her warm breath. if you search around, there is a video made for this track, yet another excuse to listen to it.

"in through the lamp" is an instrumental that reminded me of softer, gentler version of casino vs japan with its warm analog lines, nice acoustic touch and overall dreamy feel, spiced with little playful elements emerging here and there throughout the track.

you are pretty much trapped once you hear these guys - there is no way not to like them, but one has a hard time admitting to it without big childish grin on their faces.

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