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vita mediativa
hands   1999
  see also
"the living tissue"
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 29-Nov-1999; last updated on 29-Jan-2000 by anton
this release seems to be an amazing improvement and progression in the work of the band in comparison with "fragmentation". structured ambience of orphx is composed of layers of feedback, static, changing frequencies and constant percussion that glues all those elements together keeping the listener interested by hiding complexity and variance behind the layers of seemingly repetitive sound.
the first impression that you get while listening to this album is monotonous and drony atmosphere carefully filled with crisp percussion and chaotic corroded sounds. the album is rather quiet and consists mostly of distorted atmospheric tracks, and only "vita mediativa" and "wound profile" break this pattern delivering more dense and edgy sound.
tracks like "atavistic", "alternation" and "nullity v.2.3" reminded me of some ah cama-sotz material from "terra infernalis" - same eclectic delicate balance of ambience and percussion. however, those tracks do not have the darkness that ah cama-sotz possesses, they are a lot colder and more distanced from the listener than "terra infernalis".
"vita mediativa" is a collage of twisted noisy soundstructures that show their beauty to the careful and attentive listener. if you are in the mood for distorted minimalism and intelligent sound - this is the album you can't miss (not to mention the usual stellar hands packaging).

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