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somatic responses
touching the void
hymen   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 6-Jun-2002

the healy brothers once again transcend new directions that will immerse your ears with a concentration of dense unmethodical rhythms, twisted phonetic modulations, and hyper illusionary patches, and cold psychotic strings. i have to admit i have always enjoyed how somatics has pushed forward with their work and always seem to be a few steps ahead of several others in many aspects, taking the idealism of various meshed genres and putting severe kinks in the system. whether it be dark ambient, breakcore, or rhythm n' noise', somatics has always developed a new awareness to these styles while keeping within their boundaries of representation and directions intended.

this release contains thirteen very well chosen tracks, some of which i have previously heard in a lower quality mp3 format originally in the past year from their site, but do not sound even remotely as sweet as they do on this release re-mastered. as always i find some tracks that are completely bold and relentless in nature from the very first listen and signify some of the stronger points to be aware of on a particular release. first a keen emphasis on wearing a trusty pair of headphones would be recommended as always when listening to the intricate dynamics this band has to offer. tracks such as "diode diaries" erratically layers severely charred rhythms and counter transitions the piece with deadly thick tones and scourging assaults. while tracks such as "carousel" ease balance with bouncy lo-fi rhythms with frozen, almost liquefied pads and soft elusive harmonies.

the title track, "touching the void" moves into the very slippery combative rhythms and bleak string mods that transform and align again with more hyper-metallic device assaults and synthetic threads. "rwy eisiau dy gariad" encompasses with ambivalent swells that hover over combustible assaults rhythms and toxic breaks. while "wandering" works with punchy concentrated beats that divide alongside evasive and mysterious frequencies modulations that somatic responses is so well known for.

as always, i feel that somatic responses is completely visual on most of their work, but this particular release is probably one of the most mechanically & dynamically intense releases to date. i would love to see some videos composed to some of these very overwhelming metallic, mysterious, and brute arrangements the healy brothers have executed on this release. so far s.alt has given us some very beautifully intricate work using various cold green hues of colliding beam structures, windows, elevators, and other very angular devices for us to ponder on the cd itself. what's next, somatics in 3-D? now that would be very nice. and... oh yeah don't ask me how i managed to get this release so early.

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