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merck   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 14-Jun-2002

this blue clear vinyl by proem is limited to 250 copies (there also was a ilmited run of black vinyl for this release), and although the label claims that at least few tracks were supposed to skip due to the bad run, it works just fine for me. also I feel obligated to mention a sleeve design that so perfectly represents proem's sound for me these days - intricate without overwhelming, quiet and angular.

although this 12" has only one new composition and one remix in addition to tracks previously appeared on other releases, it does sound like a new material, partially because of the choice of these tracks that show off more laid-back, quieter side of proem with smooth deeper melodies that before has always been a little obscured by heavier percussion tracks. in a sense this vinyl sounds like "among others" - still unmistakably proem, with dark caustic melodies, and a bit torn abrasive percussion, but softer, quieter, more flowing.

the new track, "binary & bored", starts out with familiar corroded, vibrating frequencies and a backdrop of caustic noises, it slowly flows forward with minimum percussion and very streamlined, quiet feel. more of a soundscape atmosphere with quiet, minimal percussion - dark, cold, with a familiar caustic touch. tim koch's remix of "early rings" adds his familiar playful intricate touch to this composition, giving it a fast-paced, "reasonably happy" feel, retaining some of its initial dreamy quality.

the rest of the tracks should be already familiar to you, as I mentioned above, they work really well, from dreamy rhythmic splashes of "skylup" off "negativ", contrasted by playful keys, to dark rhythmic ambience of "early rings" with graceful transitions, beautiful melancholic minimalism, full of contrasts and yet so well-composed - one of my favorites off "among others". "crashmap" picks up on side b with its cut-up orchestrated sound, followed by yet another track off "negativ" - "access mike (failure to connect)".

obviously, this record is not purely collector's fetish, but also could serve as a good introduction to proem, as well as somewhat of a different perspective on his sound.

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