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lom   2001
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album rating: 2

submitted by alan on 14-Jun-2002

this very sparkly little 7" is pressed on bright candy red vinyl and contains three wonderful tracks for your ears plus a page from an old electric handbook on steam irons! one track is previously from the very rare "monitors" cd entitled "mutate," and the other two are new; one of which is a remix of "hotaku".

this is a very fun and energetic little release that packs a powerful punch. side a, opens with the remix of "hotaku" which engages a different arrangement of the sequences, stellar devices, and rhythms used in the original version while it pushes in even more hyper-percussive beats and flares. the second track , "towards a harder sound" pulls in soft melancholic analog harmonies, that bounce nice to the unmethodical relentless breaks, attacking beats, and thick bass threads.

on side b, is the track "to mutate" that engages with fascinating and playful melodies that dance magically around skittering rhythms and synthetic breaks that constantly change pace while more fun melodies venture in the this very dynamic composition. this is still one of my favorite tracks from these artists and gives a good example of the uniqueness these musicians have to offer. fun loving intricate stuff.

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