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flooding of desolate canyons
ncc records   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 14-Jun-2002

this is not quite what I have expected from meson, judging by their compilation appearances; however this turned out to be one of my favorite albums on ncc records to date.

meson builds dark ambient textures filled with dense, heavily processed industrial noises, that rattle and explode among distant strings and cold basslines. this contrast works out so well for tracks like "cold machine", "circumference", "flooding of desolate canyons"; they are so incredibly heavy, in this drawn-out, crunchy, deep fashion; the heaviness that is often lost from the rhythmic noise genre, that mistakenly tries to achieve it through speed and repetition. rattling saturated noises, sparsely placed throughout cold, vibrating strings and a few analog touches create this striking contrast and a very desolate, very mechanized atmosphere, bringing back the best examples from noise/industrial genre. this is the type of ambient/rhythmic noise combination that I find myself enjoying the most, especially lately when rhythm 'n' noise as a genre has reached the level when countless acts start recycling common themes again and again. too bad that only roughly half of the album is instantly appealing, the remaining few tracks fall more into quieter, simpler category (with the exception of much more driving "succession" that reminded me of heavy, complex splatter mix of noise and rhythms that I have heard before from meson), hinting directions taken on the first half of the album.

this sound is an old idea, but up to this date there are only a handful of bands that have used it. "flooding of desolate canyons" is one of those, and it might be the most well-rounded. even if there are a few shortcomings throughout the album, meson definitely turned out to be an impressive surprise, and I will be looking forward to further material.

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