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hushush   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 14-Jun-2002

this is the first "solo" (if you will) album by c-drík that got into my hands, but his name should be familiar to all of you that has ever come in contact with multiple collaborations he has been involved in over the years.

frankly, this album has been quite a surprise - I have to admit that I did not know what to expect, anticipating more rhythmic (as in early ammo) or glitchy material (as in latest ammo). instead, we are treated to smooth, slowly building atmosphere, an incredibly visual landscape with this familiar eerie phantasmagoric feel that has always been a trademark touch of ammo, imminent, ambre, moonsanto, urawa.

slowly shifting waves of ambience are not overbearing, quietly moving on the background, building deep, enveloping texture with little elements sparsely placed throughout each track - sinister little keys, occasional swelling deep strings, unexpected distant cries; noises of the city, isolated, placed on the perimeter of your vision, always slightly obscured by this surreal, alien perception. this shift of perspective is what I love about this album - it so elegantly, so seamlessly presents those little tidbits of reality, augmenting them with flowing, at times organic, at times mechanized textures. it is one of those ambient releases that you fully immerse yourself into, and follow its subtle yet constant evolution; c-drík has a gift for building these so cinematic, at times even epic compositions without the usual tools of trade, composing unique pieces, carefully picking little elements, placing them in all the right spots. yet something else you notice - each track is slightly different from the rest (which is partially explained by the fact that these tracks have been composed between 1997 and 2001) - from minimal aquatic drones, to reluctant technoid rhythms; from deep menacing, inhuman textures, to low-fi, analog, grainy soundscapes; from organic, living tissues to interrupted transmissions drowned in dramatic overtones.

this is one album not to miss out on, one impressive example of what I have always enjoyed in the genre and always have been looking for. despite its quiet nature, the album intrigues, demands attention, suggests and leaves the room for interpretation. I would not dare pointing out c-drík's "touch" in other projects (and I doubt it would be possible), but "dissolution" fits perfectly among this family of releases he has been part of, presenting yet another impressive interpretation of their sound.

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