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everybody looks like somebody else
n5md   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 14-Jun-2002

"everybody looks like somebody else" is a hard album to grasp. I've been listening to this disk on and off for quite a few weeks, trying to capture this "something" that would define ml's sound for me. it is a bit uneven in a sense that it lacks this distinct direction that attracted me to ml to begin with. maybe full-length album format is a bit too much for the band, or maybe my attention span is too short for the complexity of this album. maybe it is a bit overly "mechanical", meaning that it lingers too long on technical perfection, layering (with incredible precision and clarity, I should add) more and more sounds, forgetting to smooth it all out with more melodies or some kind of more lyrical foundation.

every single track has this unusual sound, that is not quite the rest of the idm scene (which, of course, is definitely a plus); first of all, the composition relies on meticulous complex sound arrangements with multiple elements layered in almost spontaneous way, following the main percussion lead; there seems to be multiple almost independently evolving streams of music, progressing in parallel. ml is particularly fond of bass-heavy crunchiness, this saturated sound that is heavily layered with noisier, abrasive percussion, complemented by multiple spontaneous noises, fleeting melodic elements, small compressed sounds weaved into these dense textures. this heaviness is less obvious as it is in rhythmic noise genre, but more of an overall feel of the album; not an ultimate goal, but more of a means for reaching it.

it is a hard album to get into, one needs to pay complete attention to the textures and all the intricacies, not forgetting to reserve some capacity for capturing overall flow of the music. I find it easier to enjoy second half of the album that appears to be less atonal, a bit smoother and still complex and multi-layered. listening to ml, I often find myself left behind, paying too much attention to unusual, unexpected sounds, lingering too long, while the rest of the track carries on. when I realize this, I have to hurriedly catch up, again and again, gradually losing my grasp on the music. I would recommend listening to this album a few tracks at the time, it really does begin to shine after a few listens. for anyone fond of spontaneity, heaviness, complexity, and yet requiring melody and flowing nature of music, combined in very unusual way, this is not an album to miss; just make sure you have a good set of headphones present.

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