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morr music   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 14-Jun-2002
limp is a side project of manual, which explains its sound that is quite similar to "ascend". this album seems to be more instrumental than usual manual material. halfway throughout this vinyl, I realized that the music I was enjoying so much could be hardly called "purely" electronic, acoustic elements were dominating it throughout, with electronica playing more of a contrasting, subdued part. a few moments later, overcoming my post-rock phobia, I just immersed into the music and enjoyed it for what it was - laid-back classical arrangements with muffled idm whirrs and scratches, bleeps and reversed noises, with a stuttering electronic rhythm here and there. if this is a combination you have been looking for, and you do not mind its relaxed, dreamy nature, this is quite a treat. for me the reason I like it so much lies in the fact that it is so unobtrusive, reminding me of warmth and depth of casino vs. japan with more prominent orchestrations, more dramatic atonal chords. there is nothing stunningly outstanding on this release, but it makes a nice contrast after listening to "neural architect" by or propergol's "renegade". the more I venture out into this mix of acoustic and idm, the more I realize how commercially viable this combination is. in a sense, idm and post-rock scenes are so similar in their eclectic snobbery, and those that bring the two genres together will subtly and gradually blend those crowds. whether this is for better or worse, I do not dare to tell, but I will gladly occupy my place as a spectator and commentator.

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