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repetition and texture
m-tronic   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 20-Jun-2002

kaltesglas is yet another artistic reincarnation of kevin potts, also known for his cage decay, weakener and bloodflowers projects. the nature of this release is something that seems to fit m-tronic's direction as a label perfectly. technoid breaks, traces of idm, dark ambient, industrial, drum&bass fused together into one complex cinematic soundscape.

this cinematic nature is what attracts me and loses me at the same time. the boundaries of the tracks seem blurry, the mood swings are not as dramatic as I would have expected, although at the same time they prove to be very effective in keeping a nice balance between darker quieter textures and rhythmic layers. the feel of this album reminds me of mlada fronta's style - they both focus on more abstract textures, employing sound elements to create distinct moods that are self-sufficient and complete in their perfection. you listen closely and discover a wealth of delicious electronica, polished rhythmic textures, cold ambient sweeps. just when you get comfortable with the pace, it transitions into minimal polished drum & bass, reminding me of peculiar perfection of yet another m-tronic artist, dither. a bit later and I have a few ammo flashbacks - high-bpm tight drum & bass with eerie atmospheric sweeps and overall uneasy, menacing feel.

come to think of it, this is the essence of modern dark electronica - dense technoid textures without conventional definition of a melody or composition, but reliant on emotional moody soundscapes and complex evolving textures.

altogether this is a very strong statement from m-tronic, and a move in the direction that I am highly interested in. the time has come for projects like this, that explore various genres and come back with a strong solid vision based on accumulated knowledge. it would be a glaring omission not to mention excellent packaging and production of this release, a factor especially important in this genre.

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