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100% syntetika
shaped harmonics   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 21-Jun-2002

shaped harmonics is the label that takes its time with each release. those of you that have ever heard any releases on this russian idm label, would testify that it is well worth the wait. this is a debut release for the duo from st. petersburg. their music style fits perfectly my highly retrospective mood lately, seamlessly taking my fascination with the world of klaus schulze, vangelis, tangerine dream into modern realm.

the album is a seamless transparent levitation, a flowing effortless experience that falls somewhere in the realm of deep melodic electronica with soft glowing synthlines and gentle round percussion - never extravagant or overly dramatic, never broken or mechanized, always perfectly elegant, with excellent feel for the melody and composition. those of you that have heard ambidextrous, would appreciate the reference to nick's style - similar simplicity and mathematical elegance, but approached from more timeless, more universal direction; quieter ambient pieces are contrasted by those with a slight caustic idm edge, smoothed out with deep melodies.

I found myself playing this album again and again, each time coming up with more and more references and famous names, but the music escaped every single attempt to pin it down, always retaining its own unique feel - quiet spacey melancholy, dreamy feel of summer afternoon in a large city, strangely nostalgic and modern at the same time. yet another gem from shaped harmonics.

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