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don't fight phrases
klang elektronik   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 21-Jun-2002
farben is as close as I get to dry minimal clickhouse. I have always favored more ambient or idm-like, more emotional side of the genre (it should be mentioned that his amazing "loop-finding-jazz-records" under jan jelinek is one of my absolute favorites in the genre). farben is one of those rare cases when its brittle dry sound is perfectly balanced by overall deep dubby feel. there are a few cut-up jazzy lines here and there, among the shuffling minimal layers of electronica; a gentle touch of cold atonal melody augmented by precise little pops and cuts. it is perfectly measured, mesmerizing and deep; pleasantly dark, smooth and angular at the same time, it makes for a perfect late-night listening with its subtle, toned-down elegant groove. "love to love you baby" is my favorite composition, but not really representative of the whole disk with its more broken atmosphere that reminds me more of his work as jan jelinek. altogether this is a pleasant little treat, a bit too simplistic for my taste, compared with his other material, but one of the best examples of this genre. I do have to admit that in past year I got quite addicted to this flowing dubby minimalism, although initially much of this fascination came as an antidote and needed contrast to other styles; before i knew it, it became an addiction. i think it's time to break down and finally purchase a copy of "starbox" before it sells out.

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