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slacker journal
neo ouija   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 16-Jul-2002
this is the first full length album for bauri, something I have been anxiously expecting ever since I collected all his vinyls. quiet melancholy of his melodies and minimal, slightly glitchy, percussion with heavy punctuated touch is something that gets deep under your skin, and while hardly expressible in words, the atmosphere that he creates is unmistakably bauri. there is this strange atonal feel spread throughout the album, the result of quirky noises and shifting, slightly skipping percussion with a continuous flow of simple, graceful melodic lines. the best tracks are those where the contrast between heavy rhythmic parts and this melancholy melody is most apparent. perhaps it is the full-length album format, but quieter tracks seem to get lost, overlooked. constant fluttering of percussion, intricate rolling beats, staccato of brittle creaking, squealing sounds, counterbalanced by cool distant melody - it has all most basic elements combined in the right proportion to form a composed, somber landscape. overall the album might be not as refined and absolutely perfect as the vinyls, but nevertheless it is an excellent collection of material, up to the usual standards of neo ouija.

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