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black lung & xingu hill
andronechron incident
ant-zen   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 21-Jul-2002

this album, attractively packaged in thick digipack, is a continuation of the 10" with the same title released a few years back on ant-zen. "andronechron incident" claims to be a soundtrack for the sci-fi italian feature, that unfortunately never made it to the big screen.

it is seems to be impossible to evaluate the soundtrack without placing it in the context of the film (in this case I do wonder whether the film was nothing more than a pretext, or a creative impetus for musicians). there is also is a question of inspiration, when the music is both bound by the film dictating the mood and transitions, but at the same time inspired by it, called for its own interpretation of the picture.

unfortunately we do not have the opportunity to experience it in the context of the film, so you are either bound to listening to it on your own, or you can try and pick the film that this score would be fitting for, which in itself might be a worthwhile exercise.

for me andronechron incident seems to be too much of a work on its own, complete and demanding your undivided attention, something that could only be a soundtrack for a very limited number of films. it is cold, caustic and alien, with occasional barbaric rhythm attacks that early black lung is so well known for, but with an added meticulous touch of xingu hill. its broken, disconnected pace, overall threatening surreal feel, overlapping of bizarre samples and quirky noises can in no way qualify for an easy, background listen.

andronechron incident creates a haunting feel that stays with you long time after it's done; perhaps the images accompanied with sound flashback hours and days after you pressed the stop button qualify as an appropriate imagery for this disk.

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