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hymen   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 23-Jul-2002

I have to confess my shameful addiction to slow minimal head-nodding grooves of terror dub (dub terror? to any one that knows scorn, these labels are superficial at best). these simple rhythms, stripped-down isolationist groove manages to get me instantly addicted, and before I realize it, I nod along with the steady beats.

governor is a perfect example of scorn's downtempo assault - monstrous basslines, slowed down to create almost physical effect on the listener (blast it, turn up the speakers - the effect is explosively, impossibly sensual; this physicality of the sound defeats any pseudo-intellectual barriers of music snobs). it is probably darker than his other material, without as much of an eerie contrast, in a sense more direct in its menacing, thick enveloping way.

listening to scorn becomes an addition, almost as natural as heartbeat, with the exception that this one shakes you from head to toes, becoming a part of you. this record contains a few takes on the more rhythmic side of scorn, the result that falls somewhere in between bombastic quoit and his usual sound. the closing mix by somatic responses nicely extends the heaviness of mick harris, augmenting it with distant strings and layered crunchiness. it is an interesting perspective, but despite a few really strong moments, it seems to be too drawn-out, losing heaviness and hypnotic nature of original scorn.

this short vinyl is a perfectly focused snapshot of scorn's work, an attractively presented example of his low-end throbbing sound, and a usual tasty treat from hymen.

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