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mytotyc exyt
component   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 27-Jul-2002

this is a last album for dryft, after this ep, it will cease to exist. based of the new gridlock material, I fully expect some of the more punchy sensibilities that dryft was famous for to become a part of the music palette used by gridlock. if this is indeed a swan song, it is a damn powerful one - with a few new tracks, and a number of excellent remixes, this is one ep to pick up for anyone that has a taste for complex beat-driven arrangements and subtle melodies. too bad the presentation suffered a few typos and mislabeled tracks (finding those should be left as an exercise for the listener, at the same time adding a bit more of a collector's appeal to the disk).

opening 39thieves has a strange deep guitar-like drawl, and a nice exotic touch laid on top of slowly unfolding, almost reluctant percussion, substituting the feel of polished technoid sound with more earthly and deep atmosphere. following dibt2e (addictive as hell - one of my favorites on the disk) starts out with guitar-like touches and minimal melody that glides through an ambient part of the track and remains an as underlying melancholic negative space, as the track picks up speed with tight drum&bass textures with a slight hip-hop head-nodding feel. it slows down, pauses, leaving you with just the melody for a bit, and comes back with a quietly dreamy rhythmic layers. continuing the same mood is a version of caloc - it starts out slowly and steps up a bit in terms of heaviness and complexity, weaving careful melodies into the solid punchy and slightly abrasive drum&bass, not forgetting to contrast it with moments of tranquility, sliding into a quiet melody at the end. drywht is another new track that might remind you of older dryft, with bombastic compressed beats, contrasted by gentle strings and a superb opening part. the title track (mytotyc exyt) falls in between fuzzy idm and usual heaviness of dryft, toying with cut-up vocal samples, adding a slightly disjointed feel to the melody that grows into a full-bodied monumental piece.

as for remixes, codec adds a nice electro touch to 39thieves, reviving that tight punchy feel that early dryft has been known for. exclipsect disassembles slalom into a tasty pool of swirling beats, creaking noises, disjointed rhythms, but at the same time keeps it solid and flowing. finally o2 mix of title track spaces it out, accentuating it with small glitchy noises, tightening up the beats and placing them among the floating minimal textures.

this is an interesting album for anyone closely familiar with the work of both mikes - seeing the influences and trends, being able to go back and see the comparisons, but also being pleasantly surprised each time.

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