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aim records   2002
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"journey into electronix"
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 27-Jul-2002

this 4-track 12" on aim records comes closer to the sound of current funckarma releases with its quieter feel, spacey melodies and fast-paced shuffling percussion with layers upon layers of usual haywire electronics. it is softer, faster (I did however play it on 33rpm as well, and it still sounds quite nice, more laid-back and less playful) than exclude.

a real treat is first track on the second side with multiple percussion lines, suspending, firing in rapid staccato lines, pulsating on their own, contrasted by small melodic elements. these heavy, non-stop rhythms reminded me of earlier funckarma with its intense sound. overall, side b is more rhythmic, while first two tracks are fuzzier and quieter, filled with playful chaotic noises.

this record presents the dichotomy of quench sound, the balance of more playful, off-key arrangements, heavy percussion and melody. as usual, the production is excellent, you can fully immerse in its polyphonic atmosphere, and chase little sound treats buried in the music.

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