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part 5
dub   2002
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"solid state"
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 27-Jul-2002

part 5 is yet another numbered installment in funckarma's vinyl series on dub label (previous ones have already acquired the status of collector's items). these days funckarma and its side projects seem to exchange more and more sounds and ideas; something you might have been expecting from this album will be found on quench release, or on future cenik vinyl.

part 5, as well as other recent funckarma material, gains more and more of "intellectual appeal", requiring a certain barrier of entry to fully get into the music. trained ears and complete attention is definitely a requirement. it might lack the immediate appeal of earlier funckarma, being for more subtle in its approach of combining melodies and increasingly intricate layering of separate rhythmic lines.

the music seems to flow on many levels, with independent themes developing on each level - whirrs, spontaneous creaks and breaks, overlaid with distant cold melody. the resulting sound is deep without any muddiness, its complexity results in a rich sound that still has the emotional touch that I have always enjoyed in funckarma - it might be quieter, less extravagant, but it is there.

this album might take a bit of time and effort to get in to, but as opposed to soulless mechanized feel of many peers in the genre with comparable complexity, it has deeply hidden harmony that is your reward for taking your time to get used to it.

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