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smiling little cow
neo ouija   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 27-Jul-2002

somehow kettle has escaped my attention earlier, I have encountered their little releases here and there, as well as compilation tracks, but this is the first album by kettel that actually managed to grab me. once the album's title has defeated your overly serious approach to idm, you are treated with flowing, playful sound that seems to be rooted in more generic flowing techno sound, but shaped into attractive idm form.

each track is built upon tight percussion layers that despite their simplicity manage to get you involved immediately, gripping your attention. their incessant drive and punchy feel is what prompted me to use the techno reference. there is no broken, disjointed touch of idm, although the music is sufficiently abstract. the fluidity of this album, the melody tightly coupled with the rhythmic part makes this album quite addictive. if nothing else, it should get your attention just for being different, and being good at that.

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