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no carrier
component   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 27-Jul-2002

this release of proem's 3" is a good move for component, confirming the label's commitment to idm, plus betting on someone like proem is always a sure move. for past couple of years proem have been steadily moving towards the sound that is more and more balanced, as opposed to dramatic contrasts between rhythms and melody back in the day.

these six tracks, just 20 minutes of music, are probably his finest work to date - complex rhythm punches, a backdrop of fluttering beats and delays, switching, pausing, twisting, but somehow managing to keep a somber, composed, clean atmosphere. despite the length of this release, it has the range that is truly impressive, a sure indication of a continuous progress.

starting out with a solid, driving feel of first three tracks, spiced with caustic ripples of beats and heavy, aggressive percussion (light-hearted aggressiveness?) and overall smooth feel, it continues with track 4 that has a damn nice contrast (perhaps a bit too dramatic at times, compared with the earlier tracks, or is it me geting older, looking for more peaceful compositions?) of fluid piano pieces and delicious idm heaviness, track 5 has a nice "clinching" feel to it, teasing you with sharp needles of beats, rooted in deep, bass-heavy rhythms, augmented with spacey atonal strings. a short closing piece perhaps might be a promise of things to come, with its almost classical dreamy feel.

if every once in a while, while listening to his earlier work, you would come across a moment that seemed out of place, when you noticed something missing, or something overdone - no carrier overcomes all that. perhaps due to the 3" format that allowed to pick the best tracks, it shines with every composition. it is interesting to note that I was very pleasantly surprised by a few tracks, that (in retrospect) were recognizably proem, but also unexpectedly new, developing more mature, more varied themes.

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