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xenonics k-30
ad noiseam   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 28-Jul-2002

this project is a collaboration of scott sturgis (converter, auricle media) and leech (ntt, annihilvs); although both musicians are coming from States, it is interesting to notice that this release came out on german ad noiseam, which, of course, should give it enough exposure both in Europe and in States.

I have not heard much material from converter lately, and to tell you the truth, even though shock front is still one of my all-time favorites, I gradually ceased to like his more straightforward rhythms - this is why I do welcome both his ambient side (erode collaboration disk, and upcoming material on auricle media), and a power electronics side, displayed on this album. I am quite curious, given the sound of the album, how much each of the musicians has contributed to the final result.

power electronics as a genre has always been quite limiting in the scope of emotions it targets (the unfortunate fate of every extremity). automated uses trademark stamp of "power electronics" merely as a tool, as one of the music devices. in its best moments the album acquires a quality of a soundtrack, building almost cinematic atmosphere that at times explodes with unbridling violence of clashing noisy blasts, or slowly builds a droning heavy textures out of shifting hydraulics, processed heavy machinery, cold vibrating frequencies, and even a string here and there among the clouds of dark electronics. you might have to pick and choose, hunting moments here and there, but for some reason (perhaps because by this time the atmosphere has settled in, or because they are indeed different) last four tracks are my favorite, varying between merciless power rhythms of dyplastoid and incredibly mesmerizing heavy sci-fi textures of G.M.A.S. (an absolute favorite of mine)

unfortunately, both the sleeve design and the project name are childishly suggestive; it takes some time to go beyond their limits into the more abstract world that lets the music unfold and take shape it is capable of. in any case, this is one of the must-have releases in the genre, and yet another strong statement from ad noiseam.

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