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power and steel   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 28-Jul-2002

coming from seemingly nowhere, german land:fire presents an incredible debut on power and steel, an alter ego of loki foundation, that has been dormant for last three years.

cold towering soundscapes, with that slightly low-fi, almost nostalgic attitude towards technology; not the overly polished soulless technoid sound of the present, but a bit raw, abrasive atmosphere that i have always admired in bad sector, hindenberg by predominance, early inade, sephiroth and even early ah cama-sotz (terra infernalis).

gone evokes the fascination with technology that reveals its ritualistic, emotional side; a tribute to the past with its pseudo-scientific theories of futurists and surrealists, viewed from the perspective of many years and two world wars, appearing in the form of lost, disembodied radio broadcasts, echoing analog sci-fi devices, remnants of crushing militant teutonic rhythms.

a few strings and tweaked frequencies slowly floating above the silent cold surfaces, gradualy building up among the crackling, quietly vibrating textures, and then exploding in a slow echoing crash, punctuated with the abrasive waves of feedback and vocoded cutup transmissions. the depth and the mystery of gone are fascinating, intriguing, incredibly visual - something i have been always looking for.

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