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muted logic
false lines
dissonant media   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 28-Jul-2002

muted logic is a project that has been around since 1998; after a few limited releases false lines is the first one to enjoy the exposure it deserves. released by newly created dissonant media, it is presented perfectly - from design and layout to production and sound quality.

although I have gradually moved away from straightforward floor-friendly rhythms of conventional rhythmic noise, it is hard to resist the punchiness of thick crunchy beats presented by muted logic (and one does notice a thick underlying pool of noises and clashing textures underneath the pummeling rhythms). I do favor more broken tracks, with a slight electro touch, similar to abandon and kinetic, but the rest of the album is a sure recipe for packing the dance floors without insulting your intelligence.

I can only imagine how much success this album would have enjoyed if it were released a year or two ago, when there was a shortage of all-around quality releases in this genre. it would be useful to mention that false lines is somewhat of a capstone for a few years of creative efforts, a necessary landmark that is only a promise of things to come.

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