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savath + savalas
rolls and waves
hefty records   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 28-Jul-2002
this new short ep from savath+salas is yet another excursion into the world of dreamy and soft acoustic melodies intertwined with gentle idm rhythms. although I usually look for more of a dichotomy between electronic and acoustic textures, this short format is perfect for their idm with a touch of post rock acoustic textures that ends before it becomes too laid-back for my taste. at times its appeal is a bit too universal, and after a while my unfortunate thrill-seeking nature takes over, and I crave for more contrast and diversity, something that their other project, prefuse73, delivers in full. my favorite track on rolls and waves is paths in soft focus that with its creaking, noisy textures, contrasted by polyphonic laid-back melody reminded me of simpler, more tender telefon tel aviv. this short little treat is definitely one of the best examples of this genre, and yet another confirmation of hefty records commitment to this style.

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