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accident causer
ersatz audio   2002
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"maintain the tension"
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 1-Aug-2002

this appearance of gregory de rocher (aka lowfish, and half of suction records) on ersatz audio was a bit surprising, but once you listen to this short ep with just four tracks, you will notice that he has changed his style slightly to perfectly match the music atmosphere and aesthetics of ersatz audio.

it opens up with my favorite domination that mixes low-fi minimal electro grooves with sentimental analog strings and heartbreakingly cool vocoder effects on the vocals. it is similar to another favorite of mine, dark matter, that forges ahead with tense pulsating rhythms and deep electro hooks. two remaining tracks continue much in the same vein, but without as much sentimentality - slightly more composed and reserved.

this is a nice little treat from lowfish, further exploring the style that falls between minimal electro and lush analog sounds. this seems to be the perfect combination, and with each step he is getting closer and closer to hitting it just right.

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