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dta records   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 2-Aug-2002
this is a very mysterious and engaging work from a russian one-man project, released on american dta records. from the very first moments the atmosphere of this disk startles you with its unusual composition and use of sound sources. the main underlying style can be classified as dark ambient, but there are so many elements that simply do not fit the casual, common definition of the genre - polyphonic rhythmic textures that appear in the form of withered, hollowed-out nightmarish remnants, floating among the constant wailing analog drones that quietly stretch on the background. angular awkward formations form a delicate balance with almost symphonic string elements, with a peculiar folk trace here and there, punctured by small clicks and mesmerizing drones. this abstract nature is surprisingly solid, without the usual painfully misplaced found sounds - it quietly flows, isolated in its own suspended twilight state, leaving you with the impression of a distant dissonance of a large string chamber orchestra lost in space and time, gradually eroded by the waves upon waves of civilizations and cultures, each leaving its imprint on the vast soundscape. it is a challenging, thought-provoking and highly interesting work that seems to be untouched by any clichés existing in the genre.

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