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u-cover   2001
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 4-Aug-2002

I have been sitting on this release for a while, trying to organize my impression of it - there are quite a few different moods and styles that make it hard to summarize in just a few words. but first things first, skipsapiens is a south american duo of daniel nieto and pier bucci, and this is their self-titled debut on u-cover.

at first the cd starts out with soft melodies and heavier basslines, punctuated with myriad of splintery glitches. this is what tricks me into expecting more and more playful deep melodies, and I find myself disappointed when the music on following tracks ventures into more mechanized world of glitch, at the same time using cut-up melodic, at times even acoustic, elements that instead of contrasting caustic clicks and skips, flow along in the same subdued manner. it is as if they have closely studied the clichés of the genre and carefully found their way in between those. once you realize that and pay attention to your subconscious responses, at the same time paying attention to the music, you will notice the intricate balance of glitchy elements, plenty of unusual samples and melodic parts that create a very interesting combination that might not be immediately captivating, but reveals quite a few hidden gems throughout the album.

this intriguing release has a very distinguished atmosphere that is bound to be linked to south america, with its sensory overload, a touch of exotica and romanticism - a good addition to growing u-cover family.

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