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bauri & novel23
teddymx/moony girl
awkward silence   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 13-Aug-2002

this is a much awaited short split between two musicians that for a while have been on my list of top acts in the idm genre. bauri has been consistently producing excellent material that blends together intricate glitch and deep melancholic melodies, novel23 on the other side, has been of the most well-known idm acts from russia, rivaling top names in the world of melodic idm.

it is hard to live up to this pompous introduction, and unfortunately bauri's teddymx falls short of usual perfection. one could blame it on live recording (at least this is what the booklet says), but the track is too muddied and soggy, lacking precision and delicacy that i am so used to. above all, it seems to lack the drive and direction always present in his music. fortunately for the listener, moony girl by novel23 is every bit as impressive as I expected, and looks even better contrasted by opening track - tight percussion and usual abundance of sweet analog melodies, put together in unmistakable fashion of this idm legend.

this 7" might lack eclectic packaging, or might be a little too short for the demands of the listeners, but the artists' names speak for themselves, and its limited quantity makes up for a perfect collector's item.

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