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toytronic   2002
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 7-Sep-2002

I am sure most of you know the story behind this 12" record. toytronic is well-known as the label that in course of many years has put out only a dozen releases, with each one being a gem of idm genre. obviously, toy10 has been set aside and became hyped up throughout various mailing lists as somewhat of a landmark, worthy of the label's fame. the title of the vinyl as well as the identity of the artist has always been a secret.

you can only imagine my excitement and impatience when I have finally received the record packaged in the usual "aromatic" envelope (those that own toytronic records will understand).

I tore the envelope open and closely studied the record and all the packaging that came with it - still absolutely nothing that would indicate the identity of the artist behind it; even better - in place of the usual etching on the vinyl, there is the following, "who is it? we r not gonna tell u anyway!".

as you can see, the fetishist collector in me was completely satisfied, but what about the music? in retrospect I can see this as a clever marketing act by the label, realizing that nothing can really live to the hype created for the infamous toy10. the vinyl contains two tracks with pleasantly light and laid-back minimal techno. spacey atonal dubby melody, usual warm analog sounds, resonating echoing loops - nothing spectacular, perfectly suited for the likes of chain reaction or mille plateaux. on the second side there is a bit of melodic development going on with a tiny key progression, taking it a step closer to the idm world.

overall it is not a bad release, but quite out of character for toytronic. at some point I even approved their previous (and thankfully reversed) decision to stop the label at the peak of its popularity. nowadays, in the light of upcoming toytronic releases, I prefer to view toy10 as a friendly provocative nudge directed at the label's audience. there are many good things planned for the future, and toy10 should indeed be considered more of a placeholder for upcoming releases.

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