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andrew pekler
station to station
~scape   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 16-Sep-2002

this release on berlin's ~scape is the first for andrew pekler under his own name. to some of you he might be known for his involvement in sad rockets (source/matador) and bergheim 34 (klang elektronik).

I have always been attracted to the more "human" side of clicks and cuts, seeking for it as a contrast to cold minimalism the genre offers. usual carefully controlled spontaneity and calculated pseudo-randomness of clicks + cuts finds itself a perfect companion in free-spirited jazz improvisation, a basis for many tracks on this album.

rooted in early jazz/electronica experiments this album toys with subtle traces of funk, transformed remnants of berlin urban dub, and raw found sounds that build up and dissolve in angular spaces of sliding atonal melodies. station to station is an intriguing take on the man/machine interplay with a cold alien groove of midnight jazz café, entering the world of clicks and bleeps. its intentional skips and tiny imprecisions, carefully weighted atonality enter the state of suspended tension that never resolves, seducing the listener with its depth and slow pace.

station to station is more reliant on slow grooves of jazz than on detroit techno or dub roots usually associated with this genre. his interpretation of jazz brings out the elements I have always been searching for in the genre - laid-back slow groove with colder, spacey feel - a perfect late-night listening for anyone equipped with a good pair of headphones.

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