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proyecto mirage
don't look at me...
hands   2002
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"proyecto mirage"
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 7-Oct-2002

it appears to me that a lot of people misunderstand the direction proyecto mirage is exploring these days. they have been gravitating towards the sound that combines low-fi electro funkiness with abrasive and slightly raw rhythms. my favorite tracks on two tons of rubble were the ones were this direction was quite obvious. it is interesting to notice how polished, vibrating frequencies of their debut album gradually simplified, transforming themselves into this very unique hybrid of head-nodding heaviness and almost playful electro-noodling.

viewed from this angle, this recent picture vinyl (limited to just 500 copies) acquires a whole different image. aggression and speed, distorted vocals and heaviness become not the ultimate means or requirements of style, but an instruments in creating something so unique, rooted in both rhythmic noise and minimal early electro. perhaps a few tracks on the first side get the listeners confused, leading them to believe that what they should expect is non-compromising aggressive rhythmic noise; for me those compositions are more of a transition stage, and I am glad to see more and more material done in this new power-noise-funk style - it might not be 100% dead-on all the time, but starting with the last track on the first side, and continuing all the way through side b it is pure noisy fun - slowly building deliciously heavy abrasive clashes of percussion and high-pitched, playful electro keys. even the vocals, that I am sure will put off a lot of first time listeners, works perfectly, if you recognize its repetitive, hypnotizing and catchy nature.

come to think of it, I really cannot name anyone else that is consciously working in this music style. it is such an addictive combination of irony, very physical raw heaviness, retro-cool appeal - all of the above balanced perfectly. once you recognize this style for what it really is, you are bound to play those hypnotic tunes over and over again.

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