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sonic dragolgo
sweet pain
mirex   2002
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"don't stop the music"
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album rating: 3

submitted by anton on 13-Oct-2002
this is a very good catch for mirex, adding yet another facet to their on-going documentation of the breakbeat / drum&bass genre. sonic dragolgo is capable of reviving any label's roster with his humorous antidote to any headstrong attitude. with perfectly postmodernist technique of fusing pop-culture references with breakneck broken beat pace, this project of japanese kozaburo narita is a fun example of peculiar cultural slumming that illustrates the fact that noise genre can be fun and absolutely physical, in a sense that was displayed during his life performance on maschinenfest02. it makes it safe for any artistic snob to indulge in this music, since at any point one can hide behind its irony and sarcasm, extract plenty of social commentary, plugging it into all kinds of aesthetic theories. at the same time I won't be the one to deny the sheer joy and catchiness of this music, happily grinning and nodding my head along with the sped-up pop music samples drowned in avalanches of tweaked noise, insane breakbeats and overall atmosphere of intense chaos. those that are interested in this peculiar genre of subversive aesthetic terrorism should definitely consider a fine example of sonic dragolgo that leaves you with ringing ears, quickened pulse and overwhelmed smile on your face.

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