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mirex   2002
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album rating: 2

submitted by anton on 13-Oct-2002

this is probably one of my favorites on mirex, finally living up to the original idea behind the label - series of limited 7" vinyls, with carefully selected "best of" tracks, properly mastered, presenting something new and innovative in the breakbeat / drum&bass genre, accompanied by excellent layout and design by bombthedot.

with just two tracks xanopticon builds this manic supercomplex breakbeat chaos, filled with precisely spliced together remnants of distorted noisy breaks and deconstructed high-bpm rhythms. despite the speed and complexity of his sound, he manages to keep it crisp and heavy, maintaining the drive and dynamics, avoiding a tedious breakbeat workout that often is a result of efforts in this field. his shredding, constantly changing, cascading, pulsating textures is an interesting step in the evolution of technoid style.

there is only so much one can do in this genre, pushing just the rhythmic side of things, this is why I am pleased to see traces of strings and colder ambience emerging in between the breaks. it would be interesting to see where ryan's sound takes off from here; he definitely has the room to grow and explore. it would be nice to see more melodic elements in his music, not crudely contrasting his broken rhythms (which would be too contrived), but integrating into overall texture of the music, giving it more "complete" feel. if I had to recommend a single record on mirex, I would probably pick this release by xanopticon, as the quintessence of the label's ideology.

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